Christian Hollinger

Software Engineering, GNU/Linux, Data, GIS, and other things I like


This is my blog.

I’m a software engineer that works in “data” (I believe they call that “Data Platform Engineer”) and I usually work on distributed data processing systems, mostly in Scala, Python, and some go.

If you got here via the link on my CV, I naturally mean “I develop high-performance, enterprise-grade, world-scale distributed microservices with event-driven AI enhanced architectures and ${currentHypeTech} that process PiB of data every ${timeUnit} using ${hypeLanguage}”. Or something.

I usually write about stuff I simply find interesting, so that I have an excuse to spend more time with it (and I believe you only really understand something you can explain to others).

Rarely do I claim to be an expert in those topics. If you find something that you deem is incorrect, you’re more than welcome to reach out and I’d happily correct it.

xkcd 2309

xkcd 2309 [xkcd]