Why does your website look so bad?

Because I get irrationally angry at the "modern web" - there is just no reason why a text-based website should load megabytes of intrusive JavaScript.

Go ahead, count the external dependencies on this site.

What's that, it's zero? And less than 2 KiB transferred? And wait... are you implying this magnificent website also runs on a standard, boring old nginx installation and NOT a 20 node Kubernetes installation? Shocking. SHOCKING!

"But Christian!"", I hear you scream, "How else would I serve my SPA to my DOZENs of visitors and how could I provide free tracking data for $Megacorp collect precious analytics?!"

Some say, you can still hear their screams.

What do you do?

I write software and stuff. Here is some of what I do.

What's the purpose of this?

My blog is on this server